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Pilgrim List (The list will be updated as pilgrims are confirmed.)

Pilgrim City Sponsor
Nita Addrece Columbus Chris Weikle
Nancy Foulger Columbus Marialice Bennett
Patricia Gentry Springfield Wendy Cromer
Yvonne Haight Hilliard Mike Kelleher
Staci Hood Powell Matt Utt
Dawn Holland Urbana Phyllis Rittenhouse
Lisa Hughes Marysville Peggy Hoy & Shelley Williams
Aletha Lowry Marysville Kathy reiff
Kirsten McNamara Sunbury Jessica Coy
Darla Oelmann Richwood Mary Rodman
Kay Roberts London Tammie Roberts
Terri Schmidt Bellefontaine Jackie Hawley
Jacqueline Shoffner Lakeview Mickey Dunlap
Rose marie Spindler Marysville Ava Roby
Mariah Swyers Hilliard Mike Kelleher
Melissa Tully Columbus Betsy Branch

Team List

Spritual Director Rev. Kathy Reiff Means of Grace
Asst. Spritual Director  Rev. Bill Kelly Sanctifying Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Pam Connolly Prevenient Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Peggy Hoy Obstacles of Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Bonnie Frost Justifying Grace



Lay Director Bonnie Rodenberger Perseverance
Assistant Lay Director Lisa Nichols  Priority
Assistant Lay Director Carla Rine  Discipleship
Assistant Lay Director Rachel Stinemetz  Fourth Days
Board Representative Missy Burns  Grow Through Study
Music Director Angie Howard
Music Director Linda Forry



Table Leaders Talk
Becky Brookover  Life of Piety
Lois Newman  Changing Our World
Loretta Ryan  Priesthood of All Believers
Karen Chuvalas  Christian Action
Mary Anne Wenner  Body of Christ



Assistant Table Leaders
Cindy Butts
Shirley Kaltenbach
Erica Steakhouse
Kelli Fink
Dianne Coon



Rita Hellmann
Christine Hellmann