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Upcoming Events:

Men’s Walk # 76

August 22-25, 2024

Tony Dalton, Lay Director

Please be in prayer for the Pilgrims and Team!


Congratulations to our newest Community Members and Team for a Holy Spirit filled weekend!

New Members from Women’s Walk # 131 City Sponsor
Deb McFadden-Uranga Zanesfield Karin Jackson
Judy Baldwin Marysville Bambi Gardner
Violet Trumbore Marysville Kim Nelson
Sarah Speese Delaware Carol Cox
Teresa Bennett Bellefontaine Julie Hartsel
Cathie Littleton London Susan Wilson
Macie Cayot Urbana Terry Larson
Kate James Kenton Renae Louck
Angie Reese Marysville Tricia Cossette
Theda Rioux Upper Sandusky Don Rioux
Ramona Miller Marion Jeremy & Becca Miller
Kim McNamara Delaware John McNamara


Team For Women’s Walk # 131
Spiritual Directors Talk
Rev. Peggy Hoy Obstacles of Grace Spiritual Director
Rev. Mark Confer Sanctifying Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Rev. Pam Connolly Prevenient Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Rev. Donna Montgomery Means of Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Rev. Jim Lillibridge Justifying Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Lay Director Talk
Carol Cox Perseverance
Board Representative
Mona Robinson Body of Christ
Music Director Talk
Shelley Williams Priesthood of All Believers
Caryn Dalton
Assistant Lay Directors Talk
Terri McClain Fourth Days
Lori Meckstroth Priority
Ruth Ruskan Discipleship
Table Leaders Talk Assistant Table Leaders
Lisa Gallagher-Hall Life of Piety Nancy Reynolds
Emily Peterman Grow Through Study Jamison Botkin
Carla Johnson Christian Action Stephanie Phipps
Teri Dunlap Changing Our World Jamie Rausch
Logs: Kathy Billingsley, Jill Ricker, and Rita Hellmann