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Please join us for our next gathering!

02/08/2022 7:00pm

Marysville First United Methodist Church Sanctuary

207 S. Court Street, Marysville, OH

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Please be in prayer for the next Emmaus Walk November 11-14, 2021.

Send off – Thursday, _______ at 7:00 PM

Candlelight – Saturday______ at 8:30 PM

Closing & Potluck – Sun______at 4:30 PM

Willing Servants are always needed: prayer vigil, logistics set-up or tear-down, carry luggage, make beds, and kitchen assistance. We can always use more agape for the pilgrims as well. Come shower the pilgrims with love this weekend.

Follow this link for a complete list of Emmaus Walks happening around the world!

Upcoming Chrysalis Weekends

West Ohio Chrysalis

Greene Street United Methodist Church

Chrysalis CARES

Gahanna, Ohio

A Journey with Christ

“While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and walked with them.” -Luke 24:15

The Walk to Emmaus experience beings with the prayerful discernment and invitation from a sponsor. After one accepts this invitation they complete an application. The Emmaus leaders prayerfully consider each applicant and in God’s time, the person is invited to attend a three-day experience of New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle. Following the three-day experience, participants are joined in small groups to support each other in their ongoing walk with Christ. Through the formational process of accountable discipleship in small groups and participation in the Emmaus community, each participant’s individual gifts and servant-leadership skills are developed for use in the local church and its mission.

Participants are encouraged to find new ways to live out their individual call to discipleship in their home, church and community. The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge and equip the local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, communities and places of work.

Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived and shared with others.

Pilgrim List (The list will be updated as pilgrims are confirmed.)

Pilgrim City Sponsor

Team List

Spiritual Director  Rev. Bill Kelley  Means of Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Ben Webster  Sanctifying Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Rich Applegarth  Prevenient Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Peggy Hoy  Obstacles to Grace
Asst. Spiritual Director  Rev. Ed Beale  Justifying Grace



 Lay Director  Greg Williams  Perseverance
 Assistant Lay Director  Doug Hoy  Christian Action
 Assistant Lay Director  Mike Rose  Changing Our World
 Assistant Lay Director  Pete Edwards  Fourth Day
 Music Director  David Rankin  Body of Christ
 Music Director  Ted Herndon
 Board Representative   Andy Zweizig



 Table Leaders                   Talk
 Ben Vollrath  Priority
 Jerry Ruskan  Priesthood of All Believers
 Matt Stockton  Life of Piety
 Tom Stinemetz  Growth Through Study
 Ray Hughes  Discipleship



  Assistant Table Leaders  
 Dustin Wade
 Jake Irwin
 Jon Hall
 Mark Ropp
 Rick Smith


 Brandon Berry