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Upcoming Events:

Men’s Walk # 76

August 22-25, 2024

Tony Dalton, Lay Director

Team For Men’s  Walk # 76
Spiritual Directors   Talk
Rev. Paul McCullough Prevenient Grace Spiritual Director
Rev. Russ Tichenor Means of Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Sanctifying Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Obstacles of Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Justifying Grace Assistant Spiritual Director
Lay Director                                                                          Talk
Tony Dalton Perseverance
Board Representative     Talk
Greg Williams Grow Through Study
Music Director Assistant Music Director
Steph France Dan Mazik
Assistant Lay Directors                                                          Talk
Michael Connolly Priority
Ray Hughes Changing Our World
Tom McCarthy Fourth Day
Table Leaders                                                                         Talk
Danny Daum Body Of Christ
Jake Irwin Christian Action
Jeremy Miller Discipleship
Ryan Rigel Priesthood of All Believers
Assistant Table Leaders Talk
Shannon Bates Life of Piety
Chad Beecher
Dave Irwin
Dave Johnson
Logs: Pete Edwards, Doug Hoy, Mike Kelleher, and John Burchett

September Gathering

September 10, 2024 at

Cornerstone Global Methodist Church Sanctuary at 7 pm

Child Care is available for kids up to 5 years old.

Everyone is welcome! Come and bring a friend!


Women’s Walk # 132

October 24-27, 2024

Lisa Nichols, Lay Director


Please be in prayer for the Pilgrims and Team!