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Community Gatherings

Please join us for our next Gathering on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 7 PM at Marysville First United Methodist Church, 207 South Court Street, Marysville, OH.  

Community Gatherings are a time of fellowship, music, worship and communion.  All are welcome at these events, so feel free to bring guests. Child care is available.

Please remember to wear your Emmaus name tag to the Gatherings. 

Upcoming Walks

Women’s Walk #130 – October 13-16, 2022

Team for Women’s Walk # 130
Clergy Talk
Pastor Peggy Hoy Means of Grace Spiritual Director
Pastor Carolyn Chrisman Asst. Spiritual Director
Pastor Pam Connolly Prevenient Grace Asst. Spiritual Director
Pastor Donna Montgomery Justifying Grace Asst. Spiritual Director
Pastor Russ Tichenor Obstacles to Grace Asst. Spiritual Director
Pastor Mark Confer Sanctifying Grace Asst. Spiritual Director
Lay Director Talk
Rachel Stinemetz Perseverance
Assistant Lay Directors Talk
Melanie Ziegler Priority
Erin Russo Discipleship
Tricia Cossette Fourth Day
Board Representative Talk
Carol Chandler Life of Piety
Table Leaders Talk Assistant Table Leaders
Lori Bowman Body of Christ Ashley Schwyn
Connie Zook Priesthood of All Believers Carla Johnson
Denise Dehoff Christian Action Twila Boyd
Tracy Monroe Changing Our World KimberLee Kinney
Aletha Lowry Growth Through Study Lisa Lester
Music Directors
Beth Marshall
Jani Rankin
Logistics:  Beth Perry, Rachel Edward, Randy Morris, & Nicki Shumway

“What is the Walk to Emmaus?”

The Walk to Emmaus is a 72-hour experience. The weekend begins on Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening. At Emmaus, you will spend three busy but very enjoyable days. In Central Ohio, the weekends are held at the Marysville First United Methodist Church. You will live and study together in singing, prayer, worship and discussion. Discussions center around fifteen talks given by laity and clergy. These talks present the theme of God’s grace, and how that grace comes alive in the Christian community and expresses itself in the world. You’ll discover how God’s grace is real in your life and how you can live in a life full of His grace.

The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge, and equip the local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, communities and places of work.  Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived and shared with others.

For more information about Emmaus, please browse through the Upper Room, or contact us.