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Emmaus Board

Listed below are the 2018 Central Ohio Emmaus Administrative Board Members along with links to contact them by email.

Position Name Email Link
Community Lay Director Mike Kelleher Send Mike Email
Community Assistant Lay Director Tara Gilbert Send Tara Email
Previous Community Lay Director John Connolly Send John Email
Community Spiritual Director Rev. Aaron Brown Send Pastor Aaron Email
Asst. Community Spiritual Director Rev. Kathy Reiff Send Pastor Kathy Email
Agape Chairperson Missy Burns Send the Missy Email
Chrysalis Chairperson
Communications Chairperson Carol Weinlein Send Carol Email
Data Processing Cindy Butts Send Cindy Email
Epiphany Chairperson Gina Hunter Send Gina Email
Historian Beth Marshall Send Beth Email
Kairos Chairperson Keith Castle Send Keith Email
Kitchen Coordinator Mary Jaunzemis Send Mary Email
Logistics Chairperson Dan Daum Send Dan Email
Men’s Good Shepherd Matt Stockton Send Matt Email
Registrar Siiri McCollister Send Siiri Email
Secretary Bonnie Rodenberger Send Bonnie Email
Social Chairperson Sue Irwin Send Sue Email
Sponsorship Chairperson Ruth Ruskan Send Ruth Email
Supplies Lou Ann Davis Send Lou Ann Email
Team Selection Tami Speicher Send Tami Email
Treasurer Kelli Fink Send Kelli Email
Women’s Good Shepherd Peg Markin Send Peg Email
Worship Angie Howard Send Angie Email