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What is Emmaus?

The walk to Emmaus is of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a three-day short course in Christianity. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.

For more information on Emmaus, please browse through The Upper Room, or contact us.

How Can I Get Involved?

In order to attend an Emmaus walk, you must have a sponsor – someone who has previously attended the weekend and is willing to support you in love, prayer and service. If you know someone who has attended the walk, please feel free to talk to him or her! If you are interested but do not know anyone who could serve as your sponsor, please email any of the Emmaus board members and we will help identify a sponsor. You can find our board member email list here.

If you have attended the Walk to Emmaus, we would love extra help when we host different events and walks! You can see what volunteer opportunities are open here.